Are You Ready to start your training?

Are you ready to put those words into action? Lose weight, jump start your workouts, or become a member at the fitness center with the environment you deserve. Join Life Transformations Personal Training today! Stop by or contact us at 816-217-2762 to get started today.

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Check out our Personal Trainers

Need someone to hold you accountable? Need an extra push in your workouts and weight loss? Now is the time to start Personal Training.

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Our Clients Agree!

Are you skeptical about what a fitness center could do for you? Check out our clients’ transformations to see how Life Tranformations Fitness helped them and how it can help you! Whatever your fitness goals may be, Life Transformations Fitness has the perfect program for you.

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Life Transformations Personal Training: Unlock the Inner You!

Personal Training – If you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran, Personal Training can help you meet your goals. Our wide range of trainers and time slots allows for every body and skill level to train in our positvie environment. Training sessions run 30 or 60 minutes for one to five days per week. Some members ask…is Personal Training for me. Yes, Personal Training is for you! Everyone can benefit from a trainer. Modivation, proper form, workout education, weight loss support, and many more benefits come from working with a Personal Trainer at Life Transformations Personal Training. If you are ready to get started, it is best to meet with a Personal Trainer to discuss your goals and allow us to guide you to the best program to help you reach your goals. Check out some of our Client Transformations. Small Group Training – Just like Personal Trainer but with a small group. If you have a group of friends to workout with or want to join a group we can help you reach your goals. Groups start with THREE COMMITTED INDIVIDUALS. So, grab some friends and head on up to get your Small Group Training started today! Nutritional Guidance- Do you struggle with weight loss even though you workout? Healthy nutrition and portion control can help your hard work at the fitness center show. Meet with a trainer to learn how we can help you. Many times our fitness center members and personal training clients eat healthy, but maybe to much or at the wrong times. Learn how proper nutrition can fuel your workouts and your body. Portion control, food group education, nutrition labels education, healthy eating tips, making nutrition fit your busy lifestyle and many more nutritional education tips are a part of our Nutritional Guidance Program.