NPC Midway USA Championships

Team PROformations, the competitive team of Life Transformations Personal Training, had a group of bodybuilding, physique, and figure athletes compete at the 2015 NPC Midway USA Championships on May 16th in Wichita.  All athletes competed well and coaches Robert Wichman and Molly Wichman are proud of everyone.  Here is a wrap up of the results.

Jose Juarez- Master’s Bodybuilding Middleweight 1st Place, Master’s Bodybuilding OVERALL, Open Bodybuilding Middleweight 1st Place, excellent showing in the Open Bodybuilding Overall

Ernesto Lopez- Novice Men’s Physique- 4th

Carlos Rodriquez- Great showing in Open Men’s Physique. He is correcting his posing to be the best he can be.

Dylan Ogron- Novice Men’s Physique 3rd Place, Open Men’s Physique 3rd Place

Patience Rye- Novice Figure 4th Place

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