Team PROformations at the NPC All Star Championships

Team PROformations, the competitive team of Life Transformations Personal Training, had a group of bodybuilding, physique, and figure athletes compete at the 2015 NPC All Star Championships on November 7th in Overland Park, KS.  All athletes competed well and coaches Robert Wichman and Molly Wichman are proud of everyone.  Here is a wrap up of the results.

Charles Nelson- Mens Bodybuilding Novice Heavyweight-1st, Mens Bodybuilding Open Heavyweight 1st

Owen Aldridge- Mens Bodybuilding Novice Light Heavy- 1st, Novice Bodybuilding Overall, Mens Bodybuilding Open Light Heavy

Tim Reys- Mens Bodybuilding Light Heavy- 3rd, Mens Bodybuilding Masters 2nd

Justin Roarty- Mens Physique Open A- 1st

Bryton Wright- Mens Physique Open D 3rd, Mens Physique Teen 1st

Ricky “Jay R” Hicks- Mens Physique Novice 5th, Mens Physique Open

Marvin Shumate, Mens Physique Novice A 3rd, Mens Physique Teen 2nd

Omar Pena-Estrada- Mens Physique Novice, Mens Physique Open B

Jordan Lovejoy- Mens Physique Novice, Mens Physique Open A

Skye Edwards- Figure Novice B-4th, Figure Open B

Kayla Romesburg- Figure Novice A 5th, Figure Open A

Casey Zack- Bikini Novice C, Bikini Open C

Shelbi Mootz- Bikini Novice C 5th, Bikini Open C

Adriana Padilla- Bikini Novice A 4th, Bikini Open A

Amber Reed- Bikini Novice B, Bikini Open B


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