Team PROformations at 2016 IFBB/NPC Midwest Championships

Team PROformations, the competitive team of Life Transformations Personal Training, had a group of bodybuilding, physique, classic physique, bikini, and figure athletes compete at the 2016 IFBB, NPC Midwest Championships on March 25-26 in St. Louis, MO.  All athletes competed well and coaches Robert Wichman and Molly Wichman are proud of everyone.  Here is a wrap up of the results.


Idalia Modina- IFBB Pro Figure- 5th Place

Colby Bravo- Novice Bantamweight 1st, Bantamweight 1st, Novice Classic Physique A 1st, Classic Physique A 1st

Alex Stanton- Novice Bikini C 5th, Bikini C 10th

Imola Heffley- Novice Figure D 5th, Masters 40+ Figure 5th

Sarah Wakeman- Novice Figure B 5th

Hussain Al Habeeb- Classic Physique B 5th

Muntada Altahode- Classic Physique B 3rd

Cody Rigby- Men’s Physique C 4th

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