2017 NPC Kansas City Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness Bikini, Physique Schedule

The 2017 NPC Kansas City Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Bikini, Physique Schedule is growing.  Make sure to check the dates and locations of the shows you are interested in.  NPC State Chairs and show promoters are always available to help with questions about the NPC shows that relate to them.  See you guys on the stage!  Start local and see where it takes you!

1st Phorm IFBB Womens Pro Figure, Bikini, Physique Championships & NPC Midwest

Championships, April 14-15, St. Louis, MO  Contact titonej@aol.com


NPC Central USA Natural Championships, April 22, Omaha, NE Contact titonej@aol.com


NPC Midway USA, May 13, Wichita, KS  Contact: mayhemmailbag@aol.com


NPC Jr USA, May 19-20, Charleston, SC (Qualification Needed)


Muscle Mayhem Pro & NPC Muscle Mayhem, June 10, Kansas City, KS

Contact  mayhemmailbag@aol.com


Wings of Strength Omaha IFBB Pro Women’s  Bodybuilding, Physique, Bikini Classic Physique & NPC Duel Of Champions, June 10 Omaha, NE  Contact  titonej@aol.com


NPC Jr Nationals, June  16-17, Rosemont, IL (Qualification Needed)


NPC Team Universe & Fitness Nationals, June 30-July 1, Teaneck, NJ (Qualifications Needed)


NPC Missouri State Championship, July 15, Springfield, MO  Contact  mayhemmailbag@aol.com


NPC Masters, Teen, Collegiate Nationals, July 19-22, Pittsburg, PA (Qualification Needed)


NPC USA, July 28-29, Las Vegas, NV (Qualification Needed)


NPC Arkansas State Championships, August 5,  Little Rock, AR  Contact mayhemmailbag@aol.com


NPC Midwest Naturals, August, 12 Arnold, MO   Contact  titonej@aol.com


IFBB North Americans, August 30-Sept 2, Pittsburg, PA (Qualification Needed)


IFBB Arkansas Pro & NPC All South September 23, Little Rock, AK Contact titonej@aol.com


NPC Pink Muscle Fest, October 14,  St. Charles, MO  Contact  mayhemmailbag@aol.com


NPC Branch Warren Championship, Liquid Sun Rayz Bikini Pro, October 14 Omaha, NE

Contact titonej@aol.com


NPC All Stars, October 28, Overland Park, KS Contact mayhemmailbag@aol.com


NPC Nationals, TBA




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