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Life Transformations Personal Training gym in Lee’s Summit, MO offers a diverse lineup of personal trainers.  Are you ready to Unlock the Inner You? No matter your goal…we have a trainer that can help you make your goal a reality. Contact a trainer to get started!

Robert Wichman

Robert Wichman Personal TrainerRobert has been a personal trainer since 2005.  His background as a high school and college athlete has helped him, along with his education, to best assist his clients. 

Robert likes to keep the workouts intense, yet not too overwhelming.  He believes each client is different and builds a program to meet the client’s needs, not force the clients into a template program.  He likes to teach all his clients that nutrition is the key to success.  If you are interested in weight loss, learning how to workout, or NPC Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Bikini, or Physique  contest prep services Robert can help.  He is also a coach for Team PROformations.

Bodybuilding Competition History

2004 Natural Southern States Classic Novice/Short- 2nd
2005 Natural Southern States Classic Open/Bodybuilding Short- 1st
2005 Natural Iowa Championships Open/Bodybuilding Short- 1st
2006 Natural Southern States Classic Open/Bodybuilding Short- 1st/Best Poser

2006 Natural Iowa Championships Open/Bodybuilding Short- 1st
2007 Muscle Mayhem Championships Open/Bodybuilding Middle-Weight- 1st / Best Poser

2008 NPC Junior National Championships -Bodybuilding Light-Heavyweight
2009 NPC National Championships- Bodybuilding Middleweight
2011NPC Muscle Mayhem Championships Open/Bodybuilding Middleweight- 1st/Best Poser/Men’s Overall  Winner
2011NPC Jr. USA’s Open/Bodybuilding Middleweight- 4th

2012 NPC Jr. USA’s Open/Bodybuilding Middleweight- 1st
2012 NPC USA’s Open Bodybuilding Middleweight- 2nd
2012 NPC Nationals Bodybuilding Middleweight
2013 NPC USA’s Open/Bodybuilding Middleweight- 3rd

2015 NPC Missouri State Open Bodybuilding Middleweight 1st, Masters Bodybuilding 1st, Masters Overall Winner

2015 NPC USA’s Open Bodybuilding Middleweight 4th

Contact Robert Wichman: Gym Phone 816-217-2762 Email:

Molly Wichman

Molly has been an athlete since a young age.  She started in the fitness industry as a college job Molly Wichmanand fell in love with helping people leave a healthy lifestyle.  Fitness and health does take time and dedication, but can be achieved by anyone.  Living a busy life with an active family, working full time, and a small business owner, fitness has to be a priority to get it done.

As an Owner at Life Transformations Fitness, fitness is not just a hobby in their household it‘s a profession.  Molly is also a coach for Team PROformations

Competitive History

2015 IFBB Omaha Pro, Figure

2013 IFBB Tampa Bay Pro, Fitness

2013 NPC Fitness Nationals, Fitness C 1st Place (Earned IFBB Pro Status)

2013 NPC Omaha Dual of Champions Fitness 2nd Place, Figure B 1st Place

2013 NPC Muscle Mayhem-Fitness 1st Place, Figure B 1st Place

2012 City of Roses Half Marathon- 30-35 age Female-2nd Place

2012 Wakarusa Off Road Adventure Race-Solo Female- 2nd Place

2012 Stars and Stripes 5K 30-39 Female 2nd Place

2012 Race for the Kids 5K, 30-39 Female 1st Place

2012 Ruckus Race, Grain Valley, MO

2011 Monster Dash 5K

2011 Warrior Dash Run

2011 Tough Mudder Colorado

2010 NPC Omaha Showdown- Figure B

2007 NPC Kansas State- Figure B 1st Place, Overall Figure

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Sarah Mae Huggins

Fitness is my foundation, my rock, my life saver. I started my journey with fitness at a young age, playing soccer and being involved in martial arts starting at age 4 and going to age 20. At that timeSarah Mae Skinner Personal Trainer I joined my first gym on my own and thus started lifting. Fitness and the dedication it takes to reach goals has always helped me stay focused and on the straight and narrow. It has always been my outlet for stress and the obstacles life throws my way. The gym is always there never straying and always gives back exactly what I put into it. I love seeing how a healthy lifestyle just completely transforms people, myself included.

My theory on training clients is simple, think of their goals as my goals. I know what I’m willing to do to reach my goals and I want to take that tenacity and drive into my clients process of reaching each of their goals.  Sarah is also a Stage Posing Coach.

Quotes: “what is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”

Competitive History
2012 NPC Muscle Mayhem Figure- 3rd Place
2012 NPC Muscle Mayhem Women’s Physique- 4th Place
2012 NPC Missouri State Figure- 1st Place
2012  NPC Missouri State Women‘s Physique- Overall Winner
2013 NPC Muscle Mayhem Women’ Physique- 2nd Place
2013 NPC Jr Nationals Women’s Physique- 6th Place
2015 SPF Beards  & Bows Powerlifting- Overall Female Lifter
2015USPA Strong Like Bull Powerlifting- Overall Female Lifter
Top 5 USPA Nationally Ranked in 82.1kg Class

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Joel Frazee

At age 15 I found a love for the weight room and pushing others in my High School class to go Fitness Trainer Joel Frazeefurther.  As I grew older I found myself on an unrewarding path.  I suffered a knee injury and through physical therapy found the love for health and fitness.  Getting back into working out and paying attention to nutrition was rewarding and helped with my injury recovery.  I transformed myself through fitness education and the knowledge of others.

I found I could “pay it forward” by using my knowledge to help others achieve their goals and transform their lives.   Watching my clients find success reminds me of how I did the same thing years ago.  I am not only a trainer…I was once a client.

Competitive History
2013 KC Classic- Men’s Physique 1st Place
2013 Me vs Me- Men’s Physique  2nd Place

Contact Joel Frazee: Gym Phone: 816-217-2762, Email

 Amber Hook

My husband Jeremy and I have two children, Nevaha 7 and Quintin 4.  I assist at the school, Girl Scouts, PTA member, soccer mom, play coed softball, and nursing assistant at St. Luke’s,.  Growinglife transformations personal training lees summit amber hook pict up I played soccer, softball, basketball and worked out during the summer for sports.  My goals are to continue living healthy and learning new methods to improve myself, but also helping other along this path. 
The main reason I became involved in fitness is my diagnosis of hypothyroid in 2015.  Eating healthy and increasing my physical activity helped improve my thyroid issue and boosted my confidence that had diminished. 
What started as a means to lose weigh turned into a passion for keeping fit and helping others find the confidence they deserve.  I would not expect my clients to do what I would not or did not want to do.  I want to assist in helping clients  to achieve goals. Don’t hesitate another day, let’s get started!

Contact Amber: Email:, Gym Phone: 816-217-2762