Team PROformations 2014 Muscle Mayhem

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The Team PROformations athletes competed in the 2014 Muscle Mayhem.  Robert and Molly Wichman coached 12 athletes to many Top 5 placings.  Team PROformations had athletes in Men’s Physique, Men’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Bikini, Women’s Figure, and Women’s Physique.  The 2014 Muscle Mayhem had well over 300 athletes and ended up a sell out crowd for the Finals.

Wrap up of all the Team PROformations’ athletes from this past weekend.
Kyle Blaker: 4th, novice men’s physique, tall.
AJ Morton: 3rd, masters bodybuilding / 5th middleweight bbing / 5th novice men’s physique
Michael Gray: 4th masters 35-39 2nd novice heavyweight bodybuilding
Carlos Rodriguez: 1st novice men’s physique 1st open men’s physique 1st novice light heavyweight
bodybuilding 3rd open light heavyweight bodybuilding
Pabla Mascorro: 2nd novice men’s physique 3rd open men’s physiqueNick White: 5th novice men’s physiqueJessica Roland: 2nd novice bikini 3rd open bikini

Laura Hurd: 1st master’s women’s physique 2nd open women’s physique

Carly McLarty: 3rd open figure

Janie Brooks: 2nd master’s figure 3rd open figure

Jennifer King 3rd master’s figure 3rd open figure

Jenifer Appleby First show, and looked great… next show is the Colorado State, and going to rock the stage.

Team PROformations Muscle Mayhem 2014

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