Life Transformations Personal Training Studio

Have you heard, Life Transformations Personal Training is opening a private training studio in Downtown Lee’s Summit.  The studio is located at 210 SE Douglas Street, across from the Fire Station.  Stop by, look through the windows, and see our progress.

What will the studio offer?

Our personal training studio will offer a private training environment.  We are not a gym, fitness center or health club, we are a private training studio.  Our clients enjoy the private environment for workouts.  Some will stay at the studio, others will graduate to a bigger fitness environment, and some will come train at the studio in conjunction with a bigger fitness environment.  It all depends on your comfort level and goals.

What’s changed?

Nothing has changed for our current personal training clients.  Just moving 1 mile down the street.  The private studio has free weights, circuit training, bands, balls, and other functional equipment.  New clients will be welcomed into our fun and motivating fitness environment.

Why choose Downtown Lee’s Summit?

We have had our eye on Downtown Lee’s Summit for a little while.  An opportunity popped up, and we jumped on it.  We love how downtown is vibrant and full of energy.  Clients can come workout, stay to eat or shop.  There are many opportunities in a couple square blocks.  WE are excited to become more involved in the Downtown special events.

Where do I park?

We have prime parking at our studio.  There are parking lots on both sides of our studio, two hour parking on the street, and our own private parking directly behind the building.  Also, the City Hall parking garage is 1/2 block away (Exit the garage, go right through the alley by the Fire Station, you will end up at our front door). Parking should not be a problem for our clients.


We have been out and about in Downtown Lee’s Summit, but are excited to meet more of our Downtown friends.  Check back in the next week for updates.

Robert & Molly Wichman

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